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MŌDUS Modular Shoe System for Snow Pushers

We engineered the MōDUS shoe system to allow fast shoe replacement and maintenance, even in the field. This design makes uneven wear caused by excessive heel pressure a thing of the past. You can replace only the shoes that are worn instead of the entire shoe assembly. To maximize wear life, rotate them as-needed just as you would a set of tires. The system also adds versatility with the optional polyurethane shoes that are perfect for delicate surfaces, such as the roof of a parking garage.

The Engineering Behind the Shoes

WinterFLEX® Rubber Material

The WinterFLEX® Rubber Blade is a part of this unique system and is also sold separately. It is priced by foot and can be cut to specified lengths, allowing us to offer multiple sizes to accommodate any rig. This and all our products are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Availiable Sizes


  • 1″x6″
  • 1-1/2×6″
  • 1-1/2″x8″
  • 1-1/2″x10″

*If you have questions about this product please call 1.800.294.6837

Garage Help

Click on the guides below for instructions on how to install the Modus System to an Artic or Pro-tech pusher box.

The MŌDUS Fitment Chart

Pro-Tech® Sno Pushers

OEM Part #Winter Equipment Part #EquipmentWidthDepthSidewalls
SP10BXT-PBPT3Backhoe10'36"36" x 36"
SP12BXT-PBPT3Backhoe12'36"36" x 36"
SP14BXT-PBPT3Backhoe12'36"36" x 36"
SP06SXT-PBPT3Skid Steer6'36"36" x 36"
SP08SXT-PBPT3Skid Steer8'36"36" x 36"
SP10SXT-PBPT3Skid Steer10'36"36" x 36"
SP12SXT-PBPT3Skid Steer12'36"36" x 36"
SP08MXT-PBPT3Compact Wheel Loader8'36"36" x 36"
SP10MXT-PBPT3CompactWheel Loader10'36"36" x 36"
SP12MXT-PBPT3Compact Wheel Loader12'36"36" x 36"
SP10LXT-PBPT4Loader10'48"48" x 48"
SP12LXT-PBPT4Loader12'48"48" x 48"
SP14LXT-PBPT4Loader14'48"48" x 48"
SP16LXT-PBPT4Loader16'48"48" x 48"
SP18LXT-PBPT4Loader18'48"48" x 48"
SP20LXT-PBPT4Loader20'48"48" x 48"
SP24LXT-PBPT4Loader24'48"48" x 48"
SP30LXT-PBPT4Loader30'48"48" x 48"

Arctic® Sno-Pushers

OEM Part #Winter Equipment Part #EquipmentWidthDepthSideplates
LD8XT-PBARLSkid Steer8'96"32" x 58"
LD10.5XT-PBARLSkid Steer, Backhoe, Compact Loader10.5'126"32" x 58"
LD13XT-PBARLSkid Steer, Backhoe, Compact Loader13'156"32" x 58"
LD15.5XT-PBARLBackhoe, Compact Loader15.5'186"32" x 58"
HD11.5XT-PBARHWheel Loader11.5'137.5"47" x 73"
HD14XT-PBARHWheel Loader14'169.5"47" x 73"
HD17XT-PBARHWheel Loader17'201.5"47" x 73"
HD19XT-PBARHWheel Loader19'233.5"47" x 73"
HD22XT-PBARHWheel Loader22'265"47" x 73"
HD27.5XT-PBARHWheel Loader27.5'329.5"47" x 73"

*For all other OEM boxes please contact Winter Equipment for availability.

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