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Satisfaction Guarantee

Winter® Equipment’s Satisfaction Guarantee

The Winter Equipment Company is so confident in the durability of our plow blades that we stand behind them with the only satisfaction guarantee in the industry. You might wonder what that means, exactly. We assign all of our blades a wear factor which indicates how much longer that blade should last over an industry-standard blade. If your blades don’t last as long as they are rated for, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

If your blades normally need to be replaced after every snow event, and you buy a Winter Equipment blade with a 3x Wear Factor, then we guarantee that our blades will last at least three snow events. However, in reality, folks talk about our blades not in how many snow events, or weeks or months they last, but rather how many seasons they last. Wouldn’t it be nice to change your blades after the season when you choose to, instead of in the middle of the night during a storm in a cold, wet garage when you dont have a choice?

Our guarantee means that you are taking no risk by trying Winter Equipment blades. We understand that most people don’t like change and are reluctant to switch from what seems to work. But we truly believe that our industry-leading blades will change the way you think about plow blades and what to expect from them. In addition, our blades are the best value option because they last longer than one or two or three sets of industry-standard blades. This saves you not only money, but time, space in your garage, and the headaches that go along with frequent blade changes.

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