When should I use steel, carbide, or rubber? - Winter Equipment Company

There are a multitude of variables that go into this decision. We typically recommend you give as much information as possible when either calling in or emailing an inquiry.

Steel is typically a good choice for low speed plowing on poor road conditions (potholes, manhole covers, bridge joints, etc). Steel blades can struggle to match the performance of carbide insert blades but may be the best choice in certain cases where blades are lost or damaged frequently due to impact as opposed to general use.

Carbide insert blades are the cream of the crop when talking snow plow cutting edge blades. They have the cutting power of steel with a vastly increased life expectancy. Carbide insert blades are fantastic for medium-high speed plowing on road surfaces with few obstructions. These conditions are ideal because the medium-high speed reduces impact on the blade, preventing brittle carbide to crack and wash out.

Rubber has a squeegee effect on the road and is the most lightweight material for snow plow blades. Rubber clears light snow, or heavy snow that has had time to melt from salt or brine. The nature of rubber which allows some flexibility when encountering obstacles in the road makes it a good choice for poor road conditions. Rubber is the best solution for any entity that finds itself plowing older decorative roads like brick or cobble stone because it can clear snow without ripping up the road substrate.

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