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Is a Cutting Edge System or Non-System Right for You?

February 11, 2020


Should you Invest in a Single Part or an Entire System?

It’s time to gear up and put in your orders for the upcoming season. You’ve assessed your fleet and have determined which equipment needs replaced. Now, you need to decide if you should simply order only the replacement parts, or if now is the right time to invest in a complete system to set yourself up for success for seasons to come. The first step in your decision-making process is learning about the value of a Winter® Cutting Edge System.

What is Included in a Snow Plow Cutting Edge System?

Generally, Winter® Cutting Edge Systems include blades, guards, and all necessary hardware for a complete installation. All Winter® systems are ordered under one part number, and are shipped free-of-charge in our eye-catching, custom-labeled crates that are easy to inventory. There are several different systems to choose from, so you’ll want to get in touch with your regional sales representative to determine the right systems for your fleet. When choosing your systems, consider your types of plows, the types of surfaces that your operators are plowing, and the speed at which they plow. Also consider the WearFactor of each system, our special rating system that helps you determine how our systems will perform when compared to low bid products.

What are the Risks of Non-System Set-Ups?

When you typically just order replacement parts for your operation, you often find yourself mixing and matching your equipment to get through each season. You must place more frequent orders, and run the risk of ordering incorrect quantities and pairing incorrect hardware with your cutting edges and wear parts, which can be dangerous for your operators and mechanics. Order complete Winter® Cutting Edge Systems to avoid the uncertainty and risks associated with purchasing & la carte replacement parts. Plus, you can save on shipping and processing costs by ordering everything at once.

The Added Value of a Winter® Cutting Edge System

Winter® Cutting Edge Systems are a “complete blade change in a box.” They are ordered under one part number and are shipped at no charge. Our systems are specifically-engineered for all the components to work together to deliver your desired result. All Winter® Cutting Edge Systems are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee and WearFactor Rating to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Stop worrying about if you have enough blades, guards, and bolts for the season because when you order a Winter® Cutting Edge System, everything you need for a complete blade change is in the crate, easy-to-inventory and easy-to-install.

Discover our Full Product Comparison Chart

Now that you can decide between a Winter® System or Non-System, review our comprehensive Comparison Chart to see how our systems and our competitors compare in terms of WearFactor, lbs. of carbide, satisfaction, and much more!

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