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15 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Rubber Cutting Edge

April 16, 2018

If your municipality is exploring new options in cutting edges for the next winter season, perhaps it’s time to consider rubber. 



Rubber is less abrasive on surfaces and typically glides over obstructions (like manhole covers), which can prove to be much safer for snow plow operators. This is due to the fact that the rubber folds back when it comes in contact with any protruding objects or ice.

Rubber is also quieter and causes less damage, making it ideal for residential neighborhoods.

When it’s time to purchase new equipment, it’s important to be prepared and ask the right questions. Start by researching the rubber cutting edges that are most easily paired with your existing equipment. 

Then, when it’s time to buy, be sure to ask your sales rep the following questions: 

  1. What is the durometer level/PSI of the rubber cutting edge and how will that affect snow removal strategy?
  2. How loud will this cutting edge be?
  3. Under which weather conditions will rubber cutting edges work best?
  4. In terms of an initial investment in rubber blades, what is the projected spending?
  5. Are there certain vehicles that have a negative effect on rubber blades?
  6. What type of plow pairs best with a rubber cutting edge?
  7. Will my municipality’s existing equipment work with the rubber blades you’re offering? (Rubber blades must be run at a high attack angle of 80 degrees in order to work properly as a “squeegee.”)
  8. Will a rubber cutting edge be suitable for a trip edge or full trip plow?
  9. What types of additional equipment or accessories will my municipality need to purchase to support the use of rubber cutting edges?
  10. In a typical winter season, how many times will the rubber blades need to be replaced? How much will that cost?
  11. How will these cutting edges affect the different types of surfaces they will encounter? (Rubber blades are not recommended for gravel surfaces!)
  12. What are some of the safety hazards that may be associated with rubber blades?
  13. Are curb guards an option?
  14. How can I properly install and adjust the blades?
  15. How much overhang is recommended?

Once you have this information, you’ll be able to make a knowledgeable and informed decision about purchasing rubber blades. To start the purchasing process and find the right product for your needs, click here!

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