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Forecasting Post-Pandemic Trends in the Snow and Ice Removal Industry

January 1, 2021

Winter Equipment, an established name in the DOT, municipal and contractor snow and ice management industry, has emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic with steady, solid business growth results. Learn how Winter Equipment “plowed” through the pandemic and what concerns we see looking ahead.

Full Steam Ahead Post-Pandemic

With manufacturing running at full capacity, Winter Equipment is exploring more efficient and ergonomic improvements for our manufacturing staff. We have also added staff in manufacturing, sales, marketing and IT. Along with increasing our staff, we are expanding our product offering to include the smaller, pick-up-style truck market and wear part solutions for city plow equipment.

The pandemic pushed Winter Equipment to refocus our efforts to digital communication to better support our customers in a safe, secure manner, while at the same time making our team available on-site, if customers requested.

“We’re pleased that we were able to maintain our business and run manufacturing at full capacity during COVID-19,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment. “As Winter Equipment continues to grow, we are excited to explore more ways to create efficiencies for our staff.”

Order Early in Light of Oil Concerns

Winter Equipment’s partners and vendors have consistently produced at pre-COVID levels, which has translated to a strong supply chain. As a result of our solid season, we have reinvested in our supply chain and materials. While Winter has maintained good levels of inventory and finished goods, we are concerned about the current oil crisis.

“We are beginning to see a delay in deliveries, and that, combined with the ongoing concerns with gas and oil may potentially lead to price increases,” added Winter. “We encourage our customers to order early to avoid shortages prior to the snow season.”

Discover Winter’s Industry-Leading Solutions

Over the past three decades, Winter Equipment has grown and evolved to offer a complete line of plow systems, plow guards, plow accessories and road maintenance products. We continue to engineer high-quality snow plow blades that help move our customers’ bottom lines. Our BlockBuster and Razor XL systems lead the industry in cutting edge systems for counties and DOTs, and our Patriot system has recently gained popularity in city garages. Discover our innovative solutions or by contacting us now!

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