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Pegasus™ Combines Steel & Rubber Cutting Edges for Expandable Snow Plows

January 21, 2021

Winter Equipment’s Pegasus™ cutting edge system is a versatile, hybrid solution to protect expandable snow plows. Designed for reliability and superior strength, the Pegasus™ system consists of our heavy-duty steel Razor® cutting edge combined with our patented WinterFlex® rubber wings.

How the Steel and Rubber Cutting Edge System Works

The high-tech Pegasus™ cutting edge system is made of abrasion-resistant ½-inch cover plates that are welded to a two-piece 5/8-inch Boron cutting edge for increased longevity and surface footprint. The Razor XL blade clears roads easily by cutting through hardpack and ice with elite cutting power. Meanwhile, the vulcanized rubber design of the WinterFlex wings creates a squeegee effect with four wear surfaces per cutting edge. The Pegasus™ expandable snow plow system is intended for use on highways, city streets, rural roads and parking lots. It is compatible with Western, Blizzard Power and SnowEx expandable snow plow models.

High-strength Grade 8 hardware and nylon lock nuts reduce loosening over time. Plus, built-in wear indicators make it easy to know when to reorder. Offering simple adjustments, the rubber wing edges can be easily replaced or adjusted while the plow is in resting position. Replacement Pegasus™ wings are also available.

Durability and Longevity for Snow Industry Contractors

“Our Pegasus™ system brings the technology of our patented WinterFlex rubber and the cutting power of our superior Razor edge together to ensure that contractors experience the same durability and longevity of commercial solutions,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment. “Our customers do not have the time to be changing the blades on their expandable plows. By offering them high quality, durable, long-lasting solutions, they can go about doing what they need to do to keep the roads and drives plowed, their customers happy and their businesses successful.”

The Additional Benefits of Winter® Equipment

Winter® Cutting Edge Systems include everything you need for a complete blade change in a crate that is easy-to-inventory and easy-to-install. The systems are ordered under one part number and are shipped free of charge. And all Winter® Cutting Edge Systems are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee and WearFactor Rating to ensure superior quality and value. In the last five years, there hasn’t been a single warranty claim regarding performance or quality.

Visit the Pegasus™ page to learn more or request a quote now!

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