Maximize your Arctic and Pro-Tech Pusher Box Plows

November 1, 2019

Time vs. Money

“You can always get more money; you cannot get more time”; that is the old adage, anyway. When considering the time you spend plowing, are you spending too much time repairing your current pusher box plow skids? Laying on your back, on the cold damp ground, under a box plow, torching, cutting, and welding skid shoe patches?

Furthermore, are your current Pro-Tech™ pusher box shoes not lasting near as long as you would like? Is your Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ outperforming the very box plow skids that it rides on? Well what if I told you the same general theory behind rotating your tires was applied to box plow skis, and it would help you to directly affect your bottom line?

Less Downtime, More Plow Time

Winter Equipment has completely redesigned the pusher box wear skid and has taken the headache out of pusher box skid maintenance. With a little ingenuity you can make quick, “in-field” changes to your box plows while minimizing downtime.

Imagine this: It is the middle of winter, the polar vortex just dropped down from the North and your top operator has been going full throttle with his Arctic® pusher box heels pressed hard to the ground. The storm has subsided and now, as the fleet manager, you can see the uneven wear on the box skid shoes. You now two options:

1. Call your mechanic with your mobile-welding station to visit the site and patch the problem.

2. Remove your equipment from the site and fix the problem in your garage.

The Winter® Solution

With Winter Equipment’s MōDUS™ Pusher Box skid system there is now a third option:

3. Simply rotate your modular skid shoes from back to front and right to left. This will not only help to keep the equipment on-site, but will also better utilize your mechanic and fleet manager’s time, and decrease downtime dramatically.

No more cutting, torching, and welding! The only tool needed is a torque gun; just zip off, rotate, and zip back in place. A complete rotation should take no more than 30 minutes.

All of this dramatically decreases your downtime, thus increasing your efficiencies across the board and positively impacting your bottom line. It has been proven that better equipment means increased employee retention and the MōDUS™ Pusher Box System does just that.

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