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How Joma Snow Plow Blades Compare to the Competition

March 10, 2020

Joma snow plow blades compare winter equipment

When considering JOMA snow plow blades for your vehicle or fleet, you must first understand the unique benefits of the JOMA system. Competitors may claim to offer similar products, so its best to understand the important benefits that JOMA cutting edge systems provide. Review the details below before making your decision, then review our Comparison Chart to see how our systems and our competitors’ systems compare in terms of lbs. of carbide, WearFactor rating, and more.

What Makes JOMA Cutting Edge Systems Unique?

The original JOMA cutting edge system was developed over a 10-year period to ensure outstanding quality and value. JOMA snow plow blades include tungsten carbide inserts that are secured into special steel segments encased in rubber. The rubber casing helps extend wear life, minimize vibration, and dampen sound. Individualized blade segments articulate separately in JOMA systems, with each blade held tightly between the mold board and clamping bar. Then, the Winter® Equipment adapter blade adds additional cutting power and gives JOMA a strong foundation.

The systems are engineered so there is no metal-to-metal contact between the blade and the plow to reduce the shock on the plow, operator, and road. They contour to the road to clear snow more effectively, prevent road damage, and reduce salt usage. The sectional blades are much more convenient and effective than full-length cutting edges. Review the different features that users love about JOMA cutting edge systems.

Benefits of JOMA Snow Plow Blades

JOMA systems offer several benefits that many operators enjoy. They include:

  • Increased Blade Life – Systems include sectional carbide insert castings encased in rubber that contour to the road to clear the road surface more efficiently. The Winter® Equipment adapter blade adds additional cutting power and stability.
  • High Wear Protection – Two Impervium® Carbide reinforced CurbRunner® Guards protect against premature wear while allowing the blade to articulate appropriately and protect the road surface.
  • Safe & Easy Installation – One employee can change a sectional JOMA blade, while changing a dangerous steel blade usually requires two employees. Watch our installation video to see how easy it is to install a JOMA system.
  • Cost Savings – JOMA systems are built to reduce vibration, which leads to less fatigue on the front-end parts of plow trucks. The “squeegee effect” of the sectional blades conforming to the contour of the road can lead to a reduction in the amount of de-icing material needed to treat a roadway. And with the ability to replace sections of damaged blades with sections from a used blade, you can save on costs.

The Added Value of Winter® Equipment

Winter® Cutting Edge Systems come with everything you need for a complete blade change in a crate that’s easy-to-inventory and easy-to-install. They are ordered under one part number and are shipped free of charge. And all Winter® Cutting Edge Systems are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee and WearFactor Rating to ensure superior quality and value. With millions of dollars invested annually by DOTs nationwide on the Winter® Equipment JOMA System, it continues to prove its worth time and time again. In the last 5 years, there has not been a single warranty claim regarding quality or performance.

Discover our Full Product Comparison Chart

Next, review our comprehensive Comparison Chart to see further details into how JOMA systems stack up against the competitions. You’ll also discover how our systems and our competitors’ systems compare in terms of WearFactor, lbs. of carbide, satisfaction, and much more!

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