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The Best Way to Avoid Springtime Road Maintenance

July 31, 2018

If you know Winter®, you know we’re out to educate our industry on how to make road clearing and maintenance more efficient.

Did you know that investing in higher quality blades can actually prevent road maintenance in the future?

Better plow blades keep roads in shape longer. An incorrect or poor-performing blade can result in poor snow and ice removal and continue the freeze-thaw cycle that plagues your roads.



Getting as much moisture off the roads as possible is paramount to maintaining your roads. The more precipitation you can remove, the better shape your roads will be in come spring. Additionally, removing more precipitation the first time around will lead to fewer salt and chemical treatments on pavement, which can also damage your roads.

By choosing a blade company that is a partner versus just a vendor, you gain access to people who can help you select the best blades for the job to ensure less damage to road surfaces. Then when spring rolls around you can minimize your maintenance budget and extra work cause by cheaply made blades. 

Winter® Equipment is your partner in snow removal. To better serve you, we have developed and patented revolutionary snow plow blade systems.

A system is our all-in-one solution designed to save you money. Systems arrive in one compact crate and include blades, guards, hardware, and free freight. They boast guaranteed wear with certified reviews. They are easy to order, easy to install, and easy to inventory. We have multiple systems for every type of operation and occasion. 

Best of all, Winter® has an excellent demonstration program that’s mobile. We come to you and one of our territory managers helps you find the best system for your needs. You can handle each part and see and try the system for yourself before committing.

Not in the mood for human interaction? All good – we also have a form you can submit online. Just give us a few details about your jobs and one of our certified professionals will send you information on the system you need.

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