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Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth

July 18, 2022

That almost seems cliché to say that after living through most of 2020 and 2021, because the world got punched in the mouth several times over an 18 month period.  It was no different at Winter Equipment.  COVID 19 hit us hard, everywhere and it seemed like all the time in moments when you’d least expect it.  From how we’d interact with the market, to our vendors, our logistics, our staffing right down to how we went about daily life.

In the end, Winter Equipment came out of the pandemic better and culturally healthier than ever before.

Why? How? What? Did Winter accomplish that.


Why?  Because we had no choice but to.  Winter Equipment understands, accepts and covets it’s place in the snow plow wear parts market.  If we drop the ball, then our partners can’t provide the very necessary service they provide to all of us.  Simply put, failure is not an option at Winter Equipment.

How?  We re-configured our approach to the market by using electronic and digital communication channels at the forefront of our sales efforts.  We still provide onsite in person technical sales & support but when the customer/prospect needs it at their schedule, no more random sales guy stopping by at a random time.  We started our own in house marketing department and added a full time web developer to begin to provide the best website in the industry.  We grew our social media platforms so people could see who we are and what we do because in the end we all aspire to deal with people we know, like and trust.  We adjusted how we manufacture, how we procure and inventory the resources and materials we need to make sure our customers get what they need when the need it.  We sat down with our outside service providers and our vendors, understood where they were at and worked out solutions to problems that benefitted both of us.

What?  The end result was a better, healthier and cultural Winter Equipment.  Because we refused to fail, we decided to not leave anyone behind that had the same vision we did.  We worked hard to take care of those who worked hard for us, we valued those who valued us.  The strength of our people and their passion became Winter’s strength.  In turn, Winter provided stability and security to our people in times where that was really needed.  The security and peace of mind that Winter wasn’t going anywhere, that we wouldn’t fail them much like they wouldn’t fail us.

You see, Winter isn’t a business it’s a group of people 50+ people with families that come together with a common sense of purpose and a shared goal.  To take care of each other and each other’s families by providing North America with the very best in snow plow wear parts.

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