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Dirt and gravel road maintenance is a demanding job. Choosing the right tools helps make the job easier and more efficient. Scarifier systems are perfect for dirt or gravel roads hardened by dust suppressors. We offer 3 different scarifier bits with features for different situations. We’ll explain the differences and the best situations for each scarifier bit. Using the right bit will get you the best performance from your scarifier system, leading to increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved road conditions.

MT10105 Scarifier Bit: Base Option

The MT10105 scarifier bit is our base scarifier bit option. It fits our System 2000 and 2500 scarifier boards. This bit is the lowest cost of the three. It works great for surfaces with rocky abrasive materials and a small amount of fines. The bit has a rounded carbide cap tip that slows wear. The body has a flared shape that directs material away from the base of the board. The bit’s 22mm shank features a retainer clip that holds the bit in place while allowing it to rotate during use, ensuring even wear. You’ll need to compress the clip before the bit is hammered into the board. The MT10105 helps mix and retrieve stones and is an excellent choice for general-purpose scarifying on rocky abrasive surfaces.
MT10105 Scarifier Bit - Base Option

MT10106 Scarifier Bit: Enhanced Features

Our MT10106 is like the previous bit but adds an important feature. This bit has a pre-installed washer that pre-compresses the retainer clip. This makes installing the bits faster and easier. You won’t need to compress the retainer clips before installing them into the boards. The pre-installed washer also prevents fines from entering between the bit and the board. This lowers the chance of bits sticking and wearing flat on one side. The washer’s interlocking square design secures it in place and allows the bit to spin, which helps prevent uneven wear. The shank on the bit is 22mm and fits our System 2000 and 2500 scarifier boards. The MT10106 is perfect for situations where faster installation and reduced bit sticking are priorities.
MT10106 Scarifier Bit - Enhanced Features

MT50116 Scarifier Bit: Heavy-Duty Performance

The MT50116 bit is a step up from the previous two bits. It features a larger carbide cap and body, enabling it to withstand rocky highly abrasive surface materials. Often used in the Western U.S. and the New England region where the previous two bits wear out faster. The MT50116 fits our System 2100 scarifier board, which has wider hole spacing to fit the larger size. The 22mm shank includes a retainer clip that secures the bit while allowing rotation, promoting even wear. This bit also features a pre-installed washer that pre-compresses the retainer clip for fast and easy installation. The washer is a round design that prevents road fines from entering between the bit and board. This allows the bits to spin, so they don’t wear flat on one side. Choose the MT50116 for heavy-duty applications and rocky highly abrasive surface materials.
MT50116 Scarifier Bit - Heavy-Duty Performance

Recommending the Right Scarifier Bit

If you’re not sure which bit is best for your conditions, consider the following:

  1. Start with the MT10105 base option for general-purpose scarifying on rocky abrasive surfaces.
  2. If you notice that too many of the bits are sticking and wearing flat on one side, upgrade to the MT10106 which features a pre-installed square locking washer.
  3. If you find that the bits wear out rapidly due to highly abrasive surface materials, upgrade to the MT50116 for increased bit longevity.

Scarifier systems are great tools for gravel road maintenance, especially on surfaces hardened by dust suppressors. Ensuring the right bits are used for the job can help set you up for success and make road maintenance easier and more efficient. Contact our team today for personalized assistance in selecting the ideal scarifier bits for your specific needs.

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