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Blockbuster® vs. Razor XL® Cutting Edge Systems

April 9, 2020

BlockBuster vs Razor XL cutting edge snow plow systems

The time has come for you to repair, replace, and gear up for the upcoming season; but how do you decide which cutting edge systems are the best fit for your operation? When making such a major decision, there are several different factors that you must consider. Each cutting edge system has its own unique features and benefits, so you may find it beneficial to review our Comparison Chart to see how our systems and our competitors’ systems compare in terms of lbs. of carbide, WearFactor rating, and more. Below, we explore the differences between two of our most popular systems, the BlockBuster® and Razor® XL Cutting Edge Systems.

Why Should I Choose the BlockBuster® Cutting Edge System?

Operators love using BlockBuster® Systems because they are the longest-lasting blade systems available. They are built to last because they feature the highest quality carbide inserts on the market. These cutting edge systems also stand apart in road-friendliness because they are engineered with a wider blade footprint to help minimize road damage. And finally, they also offer a wider angle of attack (45%-90%) which may be a better fit for certain one-way plows.

What Are the Benefits of the Razor® XL Cutting Edge System?

Razor® XL Systems are a favorite of many municipalities because they are the highest-performing carbide blade systems available when considering both cutting power and blade life. Its superior blade leaves your roads clear by easily cutting through hardpack and ice. With such an excellent cutting edge, it provides added value by helping you to minimize your salt usage and chemical treatment as well. With a name like Razor® XL, you know its built to provide elite cutting power.

What Do BlockBuster® and Razor®XL Systems Have in Common?

  • Increased Blade Life – Both cutting edge systems include bullnose HammerHead™ carbide inserts and Impervium® Carbide to last 3-4 times longer than standard carbide blades with steel covers.
  • High Wear Protection – Two Impervium® Carbide reinforced CurbRunner® Guards are included with each system to protect against premature wear. They also come with an integrated, heat-treated steel cover to protect the carbide from impact, which is welded on for easy installation. And hardfaced moldboard shoes are welded along the backs of the blades for improved wear life.
  • Versatility – Both blade systems can be used on reversible, one-way, wing and tow plows. They can be used at high or low speeds, and can plow on concrete, chip-seal, and asphalt surfaces.
  • Safe & Easy Installation – Each cutting edge comes in three interlocking blade sections, so that one employee can easily install and replace them. It usually requires two employees to change one large blade, and can be a dangerous process. And both systems come with all the Grade 8 Hardware you need.
  • Cost Savings – Both systems are build to last much longer than standard blades, resulting in cost savings over the life of your system. You can also save cost with the ability to replace sections of damaged blades with sections from a used blade, instead of having to replace the entire cutting edge.

The Additional Benefits of Winter® Equipment

Winter® Cutting Edge Systems include everything you need for a complete blade change in a crate that is easy-to-inventory and easy-to-install. The systems are ordered under one part number and are shipped free of charge. And all Winter® Cutting Edge Systems are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee and WearFactor Rating to ensure superior quality and value. In the last five years, there hasn’t been a single warranty claim regarding performance or quality.

Discover our Full Product Comparison Chart

Now, review our Comparison Chart to explore how our cutting edge systems stack up against competitive systems. You’ll also discover how our systems and our competitors’ systems compare in terms of WearFactor, lbs. of carbide, satisfaction, and much more!

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