Xtendor® Universal Plow Guard

Your Boss®, Meyer®, SnowDogg®, Western®, Fisher® and other snow plows will last 2–3X longer with Xtendor Universal Blade Savers from Winter Equipment.

Xtendor Universal Blade Savers are designed for outstanding performance in two ways: first, to protect the blade from uneven wear on the ends, middle, or at any point along the blade edge; and second, their unique universal mounting slots will accommodate most OEM punch patterns, making Xtendor Universal a versatile solution to extending your plow blade life. Use them in pairs to protect either end of your cutting edge, or add more where you need them.

The Xtendor Universal Blade Saver gives more time plowing and less time doing maintenance.

The guard is usually installed in pairs to each end of the blade so you get the same wear protection leading with either edge.

The Xtendor Universal plow guard will fit any moldboard with the following:

  1. 5/8″ or 1/2″ bolt size
  2. 1 1/2″ Gauge or less
  3. Bolt spacing between 7″ and 17″

Like all Winter Equipment wear parts – your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

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Incredible Protection – Navigate rough roads and irritating obstructions with this unique universal plow guard, designed to protect against premature and uneven wear.

Eliminate Blade Changes – This guard is the very best snow plow blade protection available and will virtually eliminate in-season blade changes, reduce downtime, and decrease injuries — all while improving your bottom line.

Increase Retention – Using a plow guard along with curb shoes or plow shoes has been proven to protect your plow and cutting edges from damage and premature wear. This will not only increase time on the road but also improve overall morale and employee retention.

Fit OEM Plows – A guard that fits OEM plows including most Boss®, Meyer®, SnowDogg®, Western®, Fisher® and more.

Xtendor Guard Series – The 100% cast Xtendor universal plow guard is built with Winter Carbide Matrix wear properties throughout the complete guard. With cavities cast into the bottom edge, it allows for additional Winter Carbide Matrix to be added, where it is needed most.

Best Used For

The Xtendor Universal plow guard will fit any moldboard with the following:

  1. 5/8″ or 1/2″ bolt size
  2. 1 1/2″ Gauge or less
  3. Bolt spacing between 7″ and 17″
  • Roads: Concrete, Chip-Seal, Asphalt
  • Speed: High, Medium, Low
  • Plow Type: Front, straight
  • Angle of Attack: 70°

Materials Used

  • High-Quality Material: Guard material reinforced with Winter Carbide Matrix® to reduce downtime and maintenance costs for you.
  • Incredible Protection & Efficiency: Maximize time on the road with these unique guards, designed to protect against premature wear and eliminate in-season blade changes.

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions4 × 12 × 8 in

2 reviews for Xtendor® Universal Plow Guard

  1. Rick Ream

    We plow 25 commercial parking lots, we burn a set of cutter bars every year. At over $500.00 a set, it’s not cost effective. We tried a set of Xtendors on our 9′ western V plow, which is our heaviest plow last season. We show very little wear on the Xtendor and cutter bar. At this rate we should get a couple of more years out of them. We installed a set on 2 of aur box plows for this season and have a set for our Boss straight blade. If these work out, we’ll have them on all our plows and boxes next year. Definitely recommend Xtendors, saves wear,tear,money, helps the bottom line.

  2. Cody Miklas

    I have spent 8 years as a residential street sub contractor. Most storms I log over 100 miles with the blade down. I would typically have to change cutting edges at a minimum of once a season if not twice. After installing the Xtendor Universal on my plow I’m seeing at least twice the life out of my cutting edges and it’s saving me hundreds of dollars per season, per plow. The product is well worth the cost and I will continuously purchase them as needed.

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