Xtendor® Plow Guards

City-Rated guards with multiple applications. The perfect fit for all OEM plows, reducing uneven wear and increasing overall snow plow blade life. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  *Includes 5/8″ and 1/2″ hardware.

Fitment Charts

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Reduce Replacements – Designed to protect against premature and uneven wear typically seen on curb edges and corners.

High Quality – Winter Carbide Matrix® reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Protect Your Investment – Ultimate plow edge protection has been proven to decrease plow damage and personal injuries, improving overall morale and employee retention.

Fit OEM Plows – Plow guards that fit OEM plows including Western®, Fisher®, Boss, Meyer, and SnowDogg®.

Best Used For

OEM Fitment Chart

  • Roads: Concrete, chip-seal, asphalt
  • Speed: High
  • Plow Type: Front, straight
  • Angle of Attack: 70°

Materials Used

  • High-Quality Material: Guard material reinforced with Winter Carbide Matrix® to reduce downtime and maintenance costs for you.
  • Incredible Protection & Efficiency: Maximize time on the road with these unique guards, designed to protect against premature wear and eliminate in-season blade changes.
  • Xtendor13 comes with hardware for both 1/2” and 5/8”

Additional information

Weight30 lbs

8 reviews for Xtendor® Plow Guards

  1. Dave S, Somerset

    The extenders lasted for 2+ years. They showed very little wear and have worked awesome for us.

  2. Brenda

    We love the xtendors. We have reduced our blade changes and have had these on for a long time now. We will keep getting these guards.

  3. Terry, Madison Heights, MI

    Since we’ve added xtendors along with your hardened blades we are getting seasons out of the blades now. A huge money saver!

  4. Mike W – Landmark Maintenance & Construction

    So happy with these! They reduce downtime, and costs. We make sure that every time we set up a new blade that the extendor guards are on them. They double the lifetime of the blade

  5. Snow Dogg MD75

    Great product! Me and my husband (Cliff) where very impressed with our sale rep Ty and will be using them again they where very knowledgeable. Was very pleased with product.

  6. Chuck S

    AMAZING! The extenders have been amazing. Since we put them on we have not had to change blades in over 3 years.

  7. Doug O’Bryan

    we have been using the winter equipment carbide edges on our blizzard plows for years, they do exactly as advertised!

  8. Cliff Scoville

    I bought Universal winter extenders for my plow and I am very pleased with the product

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