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WinterFLEX® Rubber Cutting Edge System

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Premium rubber blades with a practical design. This three layer vulcanized patented rubber system along with universal CurbRunner® guards is perfect for light slush. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Increased Blade Life – High-quality rubber paired with two layers of high-performance synthetic cloth provides tensile strength that reduces rips, tears, and premature wear. Backer blade offered in carbide and steel.

High Wear Protection – Two universal CurbRunner® Guards defend against uneven and premature wear, and unique reversible design provides two positive wear edges for maximum blade usage.

Ultimate Performance – Carbide backer blades with bushings increase the rubber performance while protecting your moldboard.

Hassle-Free Installation – Flat blade sections replace long rolls of rubber that require “relaxing” prior to installation.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Shoulders, decorative, specialty, asphalt roads
  • Speed: Low
  • Plow Type: Front reversible and wing plows
  • Angle of Attack: 80° – 90°

Materials Used

  • Highest-Quality Material: Styrene-butadiene rubber made in a continuous press/cure form.
  • Unmatched Strength: Two layers of high-performance synthetic cloth provide tensile strength, impact resistance, and reduces rips and tears.
  • Curb Protection: Impervium® Carbide reinforced CurbRunner® protects from curb impact.

System Includes

  • Two WinterFlex® cutting edge blade sections
  • Three Backer Blades
  • Two Universal CurbRunner® Guards
  • Two Clamp Bars
  • Grade 8 Hardware

8 reviews for WinterFLEX® Rubber Cutting Edge System

  1. Aurora Colorado

    We run your rubber on our plows. We love the ability to flip the rubber once we burn it down. We have used it for some time now and have a good stock but plan on purchasing more when we are ready.

  2. Groveland Maine

    Winterflex is working perfect we love it

  3. Stockbridge MA

    Amazing rubber cutting edge! The winterflex system is working amazing for us, definitely recommend

  4. Lenox, MA

    Works on our roads very well, good rubber!

  5. Pete Kaminski

    6 Hours of heavy plowing and our guys love it! The winterflex has been working great for us on our wings and the ease of installation and replacing systems makes it less of a burden on our guys. Needless to say morale is up!

  6. Jeff Taylor, Director

    Our operators love the ease of install! Having the sectioned rubber blades really helps the guys save time switching out equipment.

  7. Windsor, Co

    We love our winterflex systems they work great on our chip seal roads

  8. Rick Ostendorf

    We just went through the hardest snows in several years. The Winter Flex systems that we have been using for several years performed great. We had over 500 miles of plowing on one edge with out having to flip it or replace it!!!!!

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