Vulcan® V-Plow Cutting Edge System

Dirt Monkey-Rated, the Vulcan V-Plow guard solution provides curb and snow plow edge protection unlike any other, preventing premature and uneven wear. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fitment Charts

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Ultimate Wear Protection: Compatible with Douglas Dynamic’s family of v-plows. Extra thick 5/8” cutting edges paired with Winter’s 100% cast steel nose guards and Winter’s best-selling PlowGuard Jr., with over 9 cu. in. of carbide matrix in each guard! Guaranteed to outlast OEM cutting edges by 3x. You can buy with confidence knowing your new cutting edge comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Simple Installation: Premium Grade 8 hardware included with each system, ensuring a quick and easy installation.

Also Available: Vulcan Nose Piece  and PlowGuard Jr. sets, with or without curb protection to suit many applications.


Best Used For

OEM Fitment Chart

  • Roads: Concrete, chip-seal, asphalt
  • Speed: Medium
  • Plow Type: Front, v-plow
  • Angle of Attack: 70°

Materials Used

  • 5/8” steel cutting edge
  • Proprietary steel alloy cast guards

System Includes

  • Two 5/8″ Blade Sections
  • Two Vulcan™Nose Guards
  • Two Vulcan™ Curb Guards
  • Grade 8 Hardware

17 reviews for Vulcan® V-Plow Cutting Edge System

  1. Joe

    Love the vulcan vplow guards! We dont change our blades nearly as much as we used to! Save great time and cutting edges. No more laying on the cold wet ground in the middle of a snow storm.

  2. Grumpy 1

    Very impressed with this system!! I installed the cutting edge on a Fisher Xv2 8’6″, and it’s like a different plow! After replacing several factory cutting edges at significant time and expense, this system is a game changer! The installation hardware and the entire package is much higher quality than stock !

  3. Frank R.

    Excellent Edge. This edge wears really well. It scrapes clean and has plenty of adjustment. Highly recommended for commercial work.

  4. Andrew G

    Very happy with the Vulcan V plow package upgrade. The nor’easter that hit the east coast back on 12/17/20 was the first time I had the chance to try out the Winter Equipment upgrade to my Western MVP 3 V plow. The installation was straightforward and simple. I recommend using pneumatic air tools to speed up the installation process. Built with heavy duty steel it is well worth the cost. I immediately noticed the difference from last year’s snow removal. What a great job the Vulcan package did. 100% satisfied.

  5. Doug

    Winter scraper blades on Western MVP 3 Plus. Price is twice as much as we have been paying but they last much longer and help with back dragging and scraping along the curb. They will pay for themselves after one full season as we go through two sets per winter of the original scraper blades.

  6. Mercer

    Vulcan System is Pure Quality and Engineering. Winter Equipment understands the frustrations, that snow contractors have with stock cutting edges, plows are equipped with standard. V-plows are notorious for uneven ware on the cutting edges and when not changed in time the can cause a headache. The Vulcan V-Plow Cutting Edge System has saved my crew from countless headaches and downtime.

  7. Rustin Taylor

    3 to 4 times the life span for these vs stock. After replacing the stock cutting edge on my Fisher Xv2 several times , at time cost and expense, the Winter Equipment Cutting Edge System was an immediate game changer! The performance is amazing, since now the plow does not dig to the ground on gravel roads at the center or the ends. I have the only Winter Equipment cutting edge around locally, and its funny to see other plow contractor’s heads spin around when they see that cutting edge system! I can easily see 3 or 4 times the life span for these wear components vs stock

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