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Vulcan® V-Plow Cutting Edge System

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Dirt Monkey-Rated, the Vulcan V-Plow guard solution provides curb and snow plow edge protection unlike any other, preventing premature and uneven wear. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Ultimate Wear Protection: Compatible with Douglas Dynamic’s family of v-plows. Extra thick 5/8” cutting edges paired with Winter’s 100% cast steel nose guards and Winter’s best-selling PlowGuard Jr., with over 9 cu. in. of Impervium® Carbide in each guard! Guaranteed to outlast OEM cutting edges by 3x. You can buy with confidence knowing your new cutting edge comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Simple Installation: Premium Grade 8 hardware included with each system, ensuring a quick and easy installation.

Also Available: Vulcan Nose Piece  and PlowGuard Jr. sets, with or without curb protection to suit many applications.


Best Used For

OEM Fitment Chart

  • Roads: Concrete, chip-seal, asphalt
  • Speed: Medium
  • Plow Type: Front, v-plow
  • Angle of Attack: 70°

Materials Used

  • 5/8” steel cutting edge
  • Proprietary steel alloy cast guards

System Includes

  • Two 5/8″ Blade Sections
  • Two Vulcan™Nose Guards
  • Two Vulcan™ Curb Guards
  • Grade 8 Hardware

17 reviews for Vulcan® V-Plow Cutting Edge System

  1. John Maloney

    They have everything to make cutting edges last longer . Also keep my equipment ready for the next season

  2. Josh

    True story of you get what you pay for. Yes the price may scare you initially, but do not let the price deter you from purchasing this system. If you do any sizeable snow removal with a vplow, this system is for you! The blades are heavier steel than factory, the curb guards and nose guards speak for themselves. The curb guards are built to withstand a curb hit (not that you are trying to), also allows you to clean right tight to the curb without wearing down the edge of the blade, moldboard, or frame of plow. Heavy for sure, make sure you got a case(s) of beer for your unsuspecting help, gonna need minimum of 2 people!

  3. Jeff Caprood

    We just bought the carbides this year with the curb protectors for the V plows … What a difference thanks for a great product…

  4. Robert Wile Jr.

    We have been converting all of our Fisher V plows. Keep innovating

  5. Jim Bailey

    So far very pleased with the cutting edge looks like it will last.

  6. Raymond deBruijn

    We have been using Winter blade kits and curb guards for years. They wear extremely well. The all in one kits are great. 1 part order and the trucks are ready to go!

  7. Montana Sense

    Best cutting edge you can get for a western V plow especially with the curb guards!!

  8. Ryan Guhr

    Winter equipment cutting edge for my Western MVP3 is best thing I’ve ever bought for my snow plow!

  9. Big Dave

    This is my first winter equipment product purchase. SO far, I’m super happy with this cutting edge. The kit had everything wrapped up on a one-half pallet. It was super easy to bolt-on and looks great. Looking forward to seeing how much more life I’ll be getting out of this edge than the stock edges.

  10. Robin Heidl

    Love the quality of your cutting edges we run them on all 14 of our Western V-Blades and they are fantastic. Best choice we made was going to our dealer and buying your product. Keep them amazing products coming guys!!!

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* This will not fit your Fisher XtremeV Series if it has a one-piece nose/blade assembly.
* 10.5′ can use the 9.5′ but OEM extensions must be used.
Fisher® XV2 8.5
Western® MVP 3 8.5
Western® MVP PLUS 8.5
Fisher® XV2 9.5
Western® MVP 3 9.5
Western® MVP PLUS 9.5
SnowEx® HDV 9.5
Fisher® XV2 10 .5 *
Western® MVP 3 10.5 *
Western® MVP PLUS 10.5 *
SnowEx® HDV 10.5 *
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