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Virtually Indestructible Plow Markers (1 Set)

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DOT-Rated virtually indestructible snow plow markers are the highest quality plow whips on the market. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.




Virtually Indestructible

  • Superior Reinforcement – 3/8” galvanized steel aircraft cable.
  • High Quality Polymer – Defends against cracking or breakage from harsh temperatures or ice.
  • Increased Flexibility – Springs back to original form without damage.
  • High Visibility – Winter’s orange color offers visibility during severe snow events and dark nights.

Variety of Lengths Available

24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″

Best Used For

  • Snow Plows
  • City buses
  • School buses
  • Large transportation vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Trains
  • Trolleys
  • And so much more!

Each purchase includes two premium snow plow markers and hardware.

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24, 30, 36, 48

9 reviews for Virtually Indestructible Plow Markers (1 Set)

  1. Markers


  2. Bill L

    Never broken a winter marker! Recommended by many local garages.

  3. Marcia

    Best plow markers on the market, the only kind we’ll use!

  4. Essential Landscapes

    Bought these in the past and love them would like to buy some more!

  5. Tracy Reddick

    I would rank these plow marks as the best we have used. We replaced the old plastic ones on our plow trucks and not one of them have broke. They last a long and I am very impressed

  6. Tracy Reddick

    These plow marks are the best we have used. They don’t brake ,have not had to replace any in the last 2 years

  7. Dave Majlinger

    The plow markers are amazing best product ever

  8. Jeffrey Strizak

    I am a relatively new customer who had purchased the plow markers for all of my plows always having problems with them breaking , so far I’m very impressed with them!!

  9. Brian Sullivan

    The City of Waverly IA has been using the curb guards and plow markers for years and have good results.

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