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Universal Salt Spinner

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DOT-Rated high-quality universal salt spinner. Able to spin clockwise and counter-clockwise, fitting most applications. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Even Fill, Even Spread, Perfect Fit

  • Highest Quality – Engineered for top performance and lasts twice as long as standard spinners.
  • Perfect Fit – 18” diameter, 6″ table can be easily drilled to your specifications in high-visibility orange.
  • Tapered, Universal Vanes – Unique design promotes even fill, even spread, and high-feed rates. Supports both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.
  • Strength to Resist Wear – Our tough, high-quality polyurethane resists wear, lower costs, and reduces maintenance.
  • Incredible Protection & Efficiency – Elite performance with double the longevity of standard spinners.

1 review for Universal Salt Spinner

  1. Sequoia National Park, CA

    We just purchased the universal spinner this season and we like how they are working and how easy they were to install

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