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Universal CurbRunner®

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The Universal CurbRunner is a heavy-duty plow guard designed to protect the moldboard from curb impact. It fits multiple applications and can be used on either the driver or passenger sides. The 3″ punch pattern and compatibility with other Winter Equipment plow systems make it a versatile option for those looking to protect their plow equipment. Hardware is sold separately. The Universal CurbRunner is included in the Winter RoadMAXX and WinterFEX Systems.


The Universal CurbRunner® is an innovative and highly effective plow guard that offers unmatched curb impact protection. Designed for use on either the driver or passenger sides of a snow plow, this heavy-duty casting protects the moldboard from curb impact, which is a common problem faced by plow operators. Curb impact can cause significant damage to the moldboard, resulting in costly repairs and downtime.

This plow guard is built to fit multiple applications, making it a versatile solution for a range of snow plow setups. Its 3″ punch pattern ensures a secure and stable fit, and it is included in the Winter RoadMAXX and WinterFLEX Systems. The Universal CurbRunner® can also be purchased separately, with hardware sold separately as well.

The benefits of the Universal CurbRunner® are numerous. It provides excellent protection against curb impact, preventing damage to the moldboard and prolonging the life of the snow plow. By minimizing the need for repairs and replacements, it helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. It also contributes to a safer and more efficient snow plowing operation, as plow operators can confidently navigate city and rural roads without worrying about damaging the plow.

In conclusion, the Universal CurbRunner® is a must-have accessory for any snow plow operator. Its heavy-duty construction, versatile design, and superior curb impact protection make it a valuable investment that will pay for itself over time. With the Universal CurbRunner®, plow operators can enjoy greater peace of mind, improved safety, and a more efficient snow plowing operation.

Key Features

  • One part for driver or passenger side.
  • Built to fit multiple applications.
  • Heavy-duty casting protects the moldboard from curb impact.
  • Designed to be used on both the driver and passenger side.
  • 3″ punch pattern.
  • Included in the Winter RoadMaxx and WinterFlex Systems.
  • Hardware sold separately.

3 reviews for Universal CurbRunner®

  1. Mark, Iowa

    The universal curb guards work good on our underbody plows. We like them alot and the work great for us.

  2. Mechanic Jim

    We use these on our belly plows and they have did a nice job working for us. We like how they are universal as we only use them on the right side.

  3. Bill Fincutter

    Great products perform very well!!

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