RoadMAXX® Carbide Cutting Edge System

DOT-Rated underbody snow plow solution. The ideal carbide cutting edge tool for your belly plow. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Increased Blade Life – Bullnose HammerHead® carbide inserts and Winter Carbide Matrix® applied to the face of the blade.

High Wear Protection – Two universal CurbRunner® Guards defend against uneven and premature wear.

Multiple Attack Angles – Bullnose HammerHead® inserts perform on most attack angles.

Safe Installation – Blade sections replace dangerous full-length cutting edges.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Concrete, chip-seal, asphalt, gravel roads
  • Speed: Low Plow Type: Underbody, grader plows
  • Angle of Attack: 60° – 90°

Materials Used

  • Hammerhead Carbide Insert: Radius carbide tip offers 30% more carbide, and can attack at multiple angles.
  • Carbide Washout Prevention: Winter Carbide Matrix® weld reduces washout from end to end.
  • High Wear Protection: Two Universal CurbRunners® protect against premature curb wear and moldboard damage.

System Includes

  • Three RoadMaxx® Blade Sections
  • Two Universal CurbRunner® Guards
  • Grade 8 Hardware

6 reviews for RoadMAXX® Carbide Cutting Edge System

  1. Keith

    We love the roadmaxx System. We always had problems with any blades we put on this underbody plow and when we put the road max on the truck it hasnt had a problem since. We originally purchased and started running about 5 years ago now

  2. Angela

    The road max has worked great for us! We purchased back in 2013 and it ran great for us. We can’t believe how long it lasted and will continue to purchase these moving forward.

  3. Jeff Midland

    The ease of installation of the sectional blades are great and help save time and money.

  4. Mark Part Manager

    We really like the road maxx system blades. We liked how they worked for their operation and they lasted for a long time for us.

  5. Derek

    Are whole fleet uses winter blades. Couldnt do it without you guys!!!!

  6. Barbara K

    Best plow system out in the market, fantastic quality

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