Razor® Carbide Cutting Edge System

DOT-Rated carbide cutting edge snow plow blade proven to last 2X longer than your typical carbide blades. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fitment Charts

(26 customer reviews)


Lasts 2x longer than standard ¾” x 6″ carbide blades w/ steel cover. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

High Wear Protection – Two PlowGuard MAXX™ of your choice to defend against uneven and premature wear, where you need it most.

Superior Cutting – Aggressive blade cuts through the packed snow and ice, leaving your roads clear and minimizing your salt and chemical usage.

Safe, Hassle-Free Installation – Blade sections replace dangerous full-length cutting edges, and carbide insert blade with pre-welded steel cover eliminates piece-by-piece installation.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Concrete ,chip-seal, asphalt roads
  • Speed: Low, medium, and high
  • Plow Type: Front reversible, one-way, wing and tow plows
  • Angle of Attack: 60° – 90°

Materials Used

  • Carbide Insert: Trapezoid high quality carbide, each batch tested by Winter® Equipment.
  • Heat-Treated Steel Cover: Integrated cover protects carbide from impact and is welded on for easy installation.
  • An engineered a 5/8″ bolt with the strength of a ¾” bolt, increasing overall tensile strength thus reducing potential shearing due to the square extended neck of the bolt design. Patent Pending

System Includes

  • Three interlocking RAZOR® cutting edge blade sections
  • Two PlowGuard MAXX™
  • Grade 8 Hardware

26 reviews for Razor® Carbide Cutting Edge System

  1. Matt Stout, Swan Creek, OH

    I’m a believer! We run 47 miles and I still haven’t had to change my first one since 2013.

  2. Greg Smith, York, NE

    Love our Razor’s and guards. The durability and longevity we get out of them is great. Highly recommend!

  3. Doug Bennett, Nebraska, NE

    Love the guards and how long they last and the ease of changing them out when we eventually have to change them.

  4. James Lannigan, NE DOR

    The performance we get out of the wear blocks are outstanding. The ease of changing them out make them even better.

  5. Dave Jansa, Wahoo, NE

    One crate, ease of install and durability! We run 6 Razors and the easy installation and the durability wear life we get out of them make it an easy decision. Love how they come shipped in one crate.

  6. City of Papillon, NE

    Absolutely love the Razors, Guards, and Extendors. Will continue to purchase going forward and have had no issues.

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