Carbide Snow Plow Blades - Razor® by Winter Equipment

Razor® Carbide Cutting Edge System

(26 customer reviews)

DOT-Rated carbide cutting edge snow plow blade proven to last 2X longer than your typical carbide blades. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Lasts 2x longer than standard ¾” x 6″ carbide blades w/ steel cover. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

High Wear Protection – Two PlowGuard MAXX™ of your choice to defend against uneven and premature wear, where you need it most.

Superior Cutting – Aggressive blade cuts through the packed snow and ice, leaving your roads clear and minimizing your salt and chemical usage.

Safe, Hassle-Free Installation – Blade sections replace dangerous full-length cutting edges, and carbide insert blade with pre-welded steel cover eliminates piece-by-piece installation.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Concrete ,chip-seal, asphalt roads
  • Speed: Low, medium, and high
  • Plow Type: Front reversible, one-way, wing and tow plows
  • Angle of Attack: 60° – 90°

Materials Used

  • Carbide Insert: Trapezoid high quality carbide, each batch tested by Winter® Equipment.
  • Heat-Treated Steel Cover: Integrated cover protects carbide from impact and is welded on for easy installation.
  • An engineered a 5/8″ bolt with the strength of a ¾” bolt, increasing overall tensile strength thus reducing potential shearing due to the square extended neck of the bolt design. Patent Pending

System Includes

  • Three interlocking RAZOR® cutting edge blade sections
  • Two PlowGuard MAXX™
  • Grade 8 Hardware

26 reviews for Razor® Carbide Cutting Edge System

  1. M. Ingold – Foreman

    Been doing business with Winter Equipment Since 1990! Easy to install and with our experience it last easily twice as long as carbide / cover.

  2. Matt W – IL

    Wear life is great. My oldest setup has received 4 years and it’s barely wearing. Sections make it easier and safer than installing 11ft steel blades

  3. Tom M. – Lake Winona

    Set for life! Still have the first razor on but couldn’t get to it for pictures because they are in storage. The way your stuff lasts I should be good for life

  4. Crawford County

    We have been running the same razors for 4 years and the cost is worth it!

  5. Mad River

    Winter products are amazing and last forever. Great for me but bad for business for Winter jokingly. I purchased 2 razors and they even helped with the install. Great service!

  6. Jim Vergennes Public Works

    We purchased Razor in 2016 just replaced in 2021 got over five year with that blade. Great value, great product!!!

  7. Raymond DeBruijn

    1 part number is amazing as is the product. We have been using Winter blade kits and curb guards for years. They wear extremely well. The all in one kits are great. 1 part order and the trucks are ready to go!

  8. Jake Swindell

    Early but super impressed. Just ordered a few of the razor systems and am super impressed on the quality and how they are wearing.

  9. Barbara Karcheski

    Best plow system out in the market, fantastic quality.

  10. Cassia County, ID

    Keeps us prepared. Thanks to you we are prepared we plowed more snow in the last 2 days than we have all winter but we need it and right now we considered a blessing so be safe and hope you have a great day.

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OEM Part #DescriptionDimensions
STB-07537BOSS HD 10'5/8"x6"x120" 12 Holes punched 3"-3"-12"(9)-3"-3" for a 5/8" Carriage Bolt at a 1" gauge
OEM Part #DescriptionDimensions
FIS B5534-5Fisher® HD2 9'5/8"x6"x108" 11 Holes punched 3"-3"-12"(8)-3"-3" for a 5/8" Plow Bolt at an 1-1/4" gauge
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