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Razor® Arrow Straight Blade System

Increase your blade life on all WESTERN® PRO PLUS® plows. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Increased Blade Life – Carbide insert blade with pre-welded abrasion-resistant cover eliminates piece-by-piece installation.

High Wear Protection – WESTERN® PRO PLUS® can now be protected with two PlowGuard Jr’s to defend against uneven and premature wear where you need it most.

Superior Cutting – Aggressive blade cuts through packed snow and ice leaving your roads clear and minimizing your salt and chemical treatment.

Extended Cutting Edge Wear Life – Two-piece, welded sections made from 5/8” abrasion-resistant cover plates and welded to a tungsten carbide cutting edge increasing wear life and your surface footprint. Plus, built-in wear indicators help you track wear life so you know when you need to re-order.

Safe Installation – Blade sections replace dangerous full-length cutting edges.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Concrete ,chip-seal, asphalt roads
  • Speed: Medium
  • Plow Type: Front reversible, one-way, wing, and tow plows
  • Angle of Attack: 70°

Materials Used

  • Carbide Insert: Trapezoid high-quality carbide, each batch tested by Winter® Equipment.
  • Heat-Treated Steel Cover: Integrated cover protects carbide from impact and is welded on for easy installation.

System Includes

  • Two interlocking RAZOR® cutting edge blade sections
  • Two PlowGuard Jrs™
  • Grade 8 Hardware


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