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PlowGuard CurbCast

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DOT-Rated, the plow guard CurbCast is a blade saver and provides ample protection against curbs and concrete highway barriers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Extend the overall life of your blade and decrease your bottom line.

  • Steel guard with Impervium® Carbide reinforced bottom edge to extend blade life.
  • Available in 6″ & 8″ height.
  • Includes a steel bar that provides impact to keep the carbide protected.
  • Heavy-duty casting protects blade and moldboard from curb impact.
  • Please call in to fit the guard to the appropriate gauge.
  • Hardware sold separately.

4 reviews for PlowGuard CurbCast

  1. Brian from Bolingbrook Village, IL

    The PC guard performed okay for the blade but the Carbide pad fell off after about 11 hours of plowing.

  2. Larry

    The plow guards have worked really great for us. They have shown very little wear and we like the extra carbide patch on the side of the PC guards.

  3. Ron Wiese

    We use the the Heavy Duty Curbcast and they work great for our Snow Operations! TEAM Winter!!!

  4. Dan Markloff

    Quality Curb Protection. The best curb shoes on the market for large municipal plows . Hold up well even on cobblestone curbing.

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