Perforated Blade System

City-Rated steel cutting edge snow plow blade. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Superior Cutting –The self-sharpening technique allows for superior cutting eliminating ice, snowpack, potholes, and washboards.

Safe Installation –Sectional blades replace dangerous full-length cutting edges and the ability to rotate the blades helps manage uneven wear.

Unique features – Mounting board is a universal fit for the perforated edge or scarifier boards.

Fuel Consumption –Always sharp edge will decrease your down pressure which allows you to save on fuel cost.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Gravel and dirt roads
  • Speed: Low
  • Plow Type: Underbody and front reversible plows
  • Angle of Attack: 55° – 70°

System Includes

  • Two Sections of Adapter Boards
  • Three Perforated Edges
  • One Bag of Specialty Hardware
  • Grade 8 Hardware


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