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Patriot® Steel Cutting Edge System

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Municipal and City-Rated steel cutting edge snow plow blade proven to last 4X longer than your typical steel blades. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Lasts 4x longer than standard ¾” x 6″ steel blades. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Increased Blade Life – System includes wear bars filled with Impervium® Carbide weld paired with high-quality hardened steel.

Aggressive Cutting Performance – Serrated design self-sharpens, cuts through hardpack, and decreases your salt usage and chemical treatment.

Protection and Safety – Two Winter® PlowGuards defend against uneven premature wear, and sectional blades replace dangerous full-length cutting edges.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Rough roads, asphalt, concrete city streets
  • Speed: Low
  • Plow Type: Front
  • Angle of Attack: 65° – 90°

Materials Used

  • Hardened Boron Steel: Holds up on tough streets where other blades break.
  • Hardfaced Shoes: Increases wear life by welding PlowGuards along the back of the blade.
  • Unique Serrated Design: Cuts through hardpack snow and ice.

System Includes

  • Three interlocking Patriot® cutting edge blade sections including pre-welded wear bars
  • Two PlowGuards with Impervium® Carbide
  • Grade 8 Hardware

3 reviews for Patriot® Steel Cutting Edge System

  1. Norwalk, OH

    The Patriot blade is going 1.5 seasons and looks like it hasn’t even worn!

  2. Gordon, Head Mechanic

    Eliminating steel blade changes for 3 or more years now. Since we started using the Patriot 3 years ago we have been eliminating steel blade changes every year! Great System with easy install.

  3. Brooklyn City, OH

    The patriot blade is great. We got close to 2 seasons out of it.

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