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MōDUS® Modular Shoe System for Snow Pushers

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Contractor-Rated box plow sidewall protection. The original modular pusher box skid shoe allows for simple rotations of the Impervium® Carbide filled cast shoes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Conquer Rough Terrain – The MōDUS™ steel adapter plate provides additional sidewall support, with the strength to survive rough terrain and irritating obstructions.

Outlast Standard Options – These cast AR steel shoes are designed to last longer than standard shoes, lowering overall costs to you throughout the life of your pusher box.

Modular Design – Engineered to promote quick, in-field equipment changes, and considers different operators’ tendencies to run nose down or heel down.

In-Field Adjustments – Increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and spend more time on the road.

Also Available – Single Pusher Box Shoes

Best Used For

OEM Fitment Chart

  • Roads: Concrete, chip-seal, asphalt
  • Speed: Medium
  • Plow Type: Front, skid steer, tractor, front end loader
  • Angle of Attack: 90°

Materials Used

  • Top-Tier Material: Cast AR steel shoes include 15ci of hardfacing per shoe, and are filled with Impervium® Carbide and engineered to last longer than standard shoes.
  • Built to Last: The shoe system is designed to outlast OEM shoes and sleds by 2-4 times. Flexibility: Shoes can be interchanged with a poly/urethane option for ornamental pavers and concrete.
  • Reduce Your Bottom Line: The modular system allows rotation and replacement of individual shoes, saving your time and money.

System Includes

  • Four or Six Wear Shoes
  • Two Filler Plates
  • Two or Four Skid Plates
  • Two Adapter Plates
  • Grade 8 Adapter and Shoe Hardware

1 review for MōDUS® Modular Shoe System for Snow Pushers

  1. Robert Wile Jr.

    Been using the carbide shoes on our Arctic pusher for 3 seasons with no sign of wear. Couldn’t ask for a better product. We have also been converting all of our Fisher V plows as well. Keep innovating Winter Equipment

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Pro-Tech® Sno Pushers
OEM Part #EquipmentWidthDepthSidewalls
SP10BBackhoe10'36"36" x 36"
SP12BBackhoe12'36"36" x 36"
SP14BBackhoe14'36"36" x 36"
SP06SSkid Steer6'36"36" x 36"
SP08SSkid Steer8'36"36" x 36"
SP10SSkid Steer10'36"36" x 36"
SP12SSkid Steer12'36"36" x 36"
SP08MCompact Wheel Loader8'36"36" x 36"
SP10MCompact Wheel Loader10'36"36" x 36"
SP12MCompact Wheel Loader12'36"36" x 36"
SP10LLoader10'48"48" x 48"
SP12LLoader12'48"48" x 48"
SP14LLoader14'48"48" x 48"
SP16LLoader16'48"48" x 48"
SP18LLoader18'48"48" x 48"
SP20LLoader20'48"48" x 48"
SP24LLoader24'48'48" x 48"
SP30LLoader30'48"48" x 48"
Arctic® Sno-Pushers
OEM Part #EquipmentWidthDepthSideplates
SD8Skid Steer8'32"32" x 58"
LD10.5Skid Steer, Backhoe, Compact Loader10.5'32"32" x 58"
LD13Skid Steer, Backhoe, Compact Loader13'32"32" x 58"
LD15.5Backhoe, Compact Loader15.5'32"32" x 58"
HD11.5Wheel Loader11.5'47"47" x 73"
HD14Wheel Loader14'47"47" x 73"
HD17Wheel Loader17'47"47" x 73"
HD19Wheel Loader19'47"47" x 73"
HD22Wheel Loader22'47"47" x 73"
HD27.5Wheel Loader27.5'47"47" x 73"
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