Joma CurbRunner®

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DOT-Rated and engineered specifically for Joma by Winter® Systems. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  • Heavy plate steel with welded-on steel casting to protect blade end.
  • Tapered to fit Joma Blade for easy assembly.
  • Assures proper articulating action.
  • Engineered to fit both driver side (DS) and passenger sides (PS) of blade.
  • Designed specifically to prevent the Joma from digging into impact obstructions such as bridge joints.
  • 6” height
  • Guards sold separately (DS & PS)
  • Hardware sold separately

2 reviews for Joma CurbRunner®

  1. Mark, IA

    The CurbRunner guards are working great on our big trucks. Protects the end of the guard protecting from the curbs that the drivers run along. It has helped stop the edge wear on our blades.

  2. Ron Wiese

    We use the Joma Curbrunners and they work great for our Snow Operations! TEAM Winter!!!

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