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Joma Articulating Cutting Edge System by Winter®

(17 customer reviews)

DOT-Rated “Original” articulating snow plow blade proven to outlast mother nature and effectively clear snow and ice from your roadways. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Increased Blade Life – Carbide insert castings encased in rubber contours to the road clearing to the surface.

High Wear Protection – Two Joma CurbRunner® Guards protect against premature wear while allowing the blade to articulate appropriately, protecting the road surface as well.

Safe Installation & Support – Carbide backer blades promote maximum performance, and sectional blades replace dangerous full-length cutting edge.

Affordable Replacement – Joma blades, guards, and hardware are included in the replacement system.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Highways, concrete, asphalt
  • Speed: High
  • Plow Type: Front reversible, one-way, wing and tow plows
  • Angle of Attack: 65° – 90°

Materials Used

  • The “Original” Articulating Blade: Carbide insert castings encased in rubber that contours to the road.
  • Carbide Insert Adapter Blade: Provides extra moldboard protection and makes installations easier.
  • Curb Protection: Impervium® Carbide reinforced CurbRunner® to protect against curb impact.

System Includes

  • Three Joma Blade Sections
  • Three Carbide Insert Backer Blades
  • Two Joma CurbRunners
  • Three Joma Clamp Bars
  • Grade 8 Hardware

17 reviews for Joma Articulating Cutting Edge System by Winter®

  1. CDOT Region 6

    Great durability and ease of changing is great.

  2. Adams County CO

    Love your Joma systems. We have used them for awhile and don’t plan on changing. The system is very high end and we get superior life out of each system.

  3. Richard


  4. Mark, Brookfield, IL

    So quiet, we have plowed 6hours with the Joma System already and our guys love it! Worth every penny and we’re amazed on how quiet it is.

  5. J Belvins

    Once properly calibrated works great! Once plow is angled to 65°, balanced & calibrated, we noticed an increase of two snow seasons out of the initial systems. It has a higher cost at first, but pays for itself very quickly. The mechanics downtime drops substantially and he is able to work on other projects around the shop. It’s a no brainer.

  6. Greeley CO

    The joma blade is great, the drivers love how quiet they run and how they cut.

  7. Richland

    Very quiet and smooth. Great wear. Shop is much happier when changing bits because its easier and done less often.

  8. David Vandooren

    Great service, sales and product! Been using the Joma cutting edge for at least 12 years, nice product!

  9. Brian Sullivan

    Quieter and easier on the plow operator. The City of Waverly IA just last year added the Joma system blade and the results are great removes snow better then a regular blade and also quieter and easier on the plow operator. The City of Waverly IA will be adding more to our fleet.

  10. Washington Co. DPW

    These cutting edges exceeded our expectations. Cleaned the road surface much better than traditional carbides. Saved on salt, overtime, and they wear well. We even had DOT interested in trying after they saw our results.

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