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Common Sense® Steel Cutting Edge System

(7 customer reviews)

Municipal and City-Rated steel cutting edge snow plow blade proven to last 2X longer than your typical steel blades. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Lasts 2x longer than standard ¾” x 6″ steel blades. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

High Increased Blade Life – Steel blade sections combined with PlowGuard CurbCasts™ designed to outperform standard steel blades.

High Wear Protection – Two PlowGuard CurbCasts™ defend against uneven and premature wear.

Superior Cutting Power – Aggressive edge cuts through packed snow and reduces your salt and chemical usage.

Hassle-Free Installation – 5’ and 6’ sectional blades replace dangerous full-length cutting edges.

Best Used For

  • Roads: Concrete, asphalt
  • Speed: Low
  • Plow Type: Front reversible plow
  • Angle of Attack: 60° – 90°

Materials Used

  • Hardened Boron Steel: Holds up on tough streets where other blades break.
  • Hardfaced Guards: Increases wear life by adding Impervium® Carbide to the underside of the PlowGuard CurbRunner.

System Includes

  • Two Common Sense® cutting edge blade sections
  • Two PlowGuard CurbCasts™
  • Grade 8 Hardware

7 reviews for Common Sense® Steel Cutting Edge System

  1. Jim Peters, IN

    I love how easy it was to install, the 2 section blades makes it easy for 1 person to install and the guards help to cut down on blade cost

  2. Tim the Driver & Mechanic

    I love your blade. It last forever. We’ve had to change our standard steel blade 3 times so far vs the common sense.

  3. Lenny

    We are very impressed with the Common Sense and will continue to run this system moving forward. We are on our 2nd season with this

  4. Briarcliff Manor

    They are easier and safer to handle that a standard 10’ or 11’ steel blade. I can install a complete system by myself. The longevity over standard steel blades is the game changer for us.

  5. Rich B – Paint, OH

    The blade system is very easy to install due to the sections vs. full length. No more chiropractor visits?!

  6. EB Penn Township, PA

    Love this blade setup. It has worked great for us!

  7. Daniel Gray

    Great product! Well worth the price to not have to change blades as much. Thank you!

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