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OEM Prices Are Rising, Their Value Isn't

Our Prices are the same, while OEM’s prices keep going up. We’ve always offered a lot of value, and now there’s even more.


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Been using the carbide shoes on our Arctic pusher for 3 seasons with no sign of wear. Couldn’t ask for a better product. We have also been converting all of our Fisher V plows as well. Keep innovating Winter Equipment!
Robert Wile Jr.

MōDUS® Lasts 3x Longer

Our MōDUS® Modular Shoe System lasts 3x longer than an OEM wear shoe and is nearly the same price.

How Does MōDUS® Last So Much Longer?

  • Top-Tier Material: Cast AR steel shoes + 15ci of carbide hardfacing
  • Impervium Carbide: Our custom carbide hardfacing formula
  • Modular Design: Rotate shoes as they wear or change in the field
  • Steel Adaptor Plate: Provides additional sidewall support

Buy A System Now,
Only Replace Shoes Later

The modular design of the MōDUS® means that only worn
shoes need to be replaced, saving you thousands later.

Shoes can also be switched in the field with poly/urethane
options for ornamental pavers and concrete.

One Crate, Everything You Need

We package the MōDUS® Modular Shoe System into one crate along with everything you need to install and use right away.

What’s included in my crate?

  • Four or Six Wear Shoes
  • Two Filler Plates
  • Two or Four Skid Plates
  • Two Adapter Plates
  • Grade 8 Adapter Hardware
  • Grade 8 Shoe Hardware

The Only Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer the industry’s only satisfaction guarantee. That means if you have any problems, we’ll work with you to make it right until you are satisfied.