RAZOR Carbide Insert Blade System    PERFORMANCE:****

New “Workhorse” Plows 4X More Miles Before Change Out.

It’s the new “Workhorse” for city, county or state snowplow professionals. Whatever your plowing conditions -
light snow to extremely heavy snow and ice, the RAZOR™ System can tackle it, giving you up to 400% more
wear life than a steel blade setup. RAZOR™ System’s combination carbide insert blade with built-in steel
cover plate eliminates the cost and hassles of using steel cover blades.
One Winter® customer who runs with a RAZOR™ Carbide Insert System said,
“It’s unbelievable. We are getting more than three times the life of the old plow blade system we ran with last year – and we haven’t changed it out yet.”

Winter® RAZOR™ System
Order the complete system using one part number.
Extend your wear life as much as 400%, then watch your maintenance and equipment cost drop drastically.
RAZOR™ Carbide System
The RAZOR™ System is a combination carbide insert blade with built-in steel cover plate protection.
It eliminates the cost and installation hassles of using cover blades. CurbRunner®
PlowGuards give added protection to the blade bottom and ends.
This system is engineered to extend blade wear life as much
as 400%. You can order the complete RAZOR™
system using only one part number.
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High-quality Carbide Insert Blade.
  • 6" high, 3/4" high quality steel blade with carbide inserts embedded along length of bottom edge.
Steel Cover Plate eliminates need
for steel cover blade.
  • 3" high, 5/8" thick steel plate reduces premature wear and protects carbide inserts from washout and damage.
  • Plates interlock blade sections forming one stable unit.
  • Built-in wear indicator warns when blade needs replaced.
Winter® CurbRunner® PlowGuards  can add up to 400% more wear life.
  • 1-1/8" thick heavy plate steel with a 6 lb., 7/8” deep, 1-1/8” wide carbide matrix protecting the length of the bottom edge.
  • 1-1/4” x 1/4” thick steel cover plate protects the carbide matrix edge.
  • Steel Casting with carbide matrix protects blade ends.
High-quality plow bolts and hardware.
  • Grade 8 plow bolts, washers and nuts in one plow bolt kit.
  • CurbRunner® PlowGuard  adapter plates for easy assembly.
Order The RAZOR™ SystemPak
Using One Part Number.

You get all the parts for the complete system in one easy-to-handle, secure package. No more stocking loose parts. The crates easily stack neatly to save space. SystemPaks will help clean up your inventory, and cut maintenance time and cost. When you’re ready to install, just pop open the crate. All the right parts will be at your fingertips.

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All Parts Of The Winter® RAZOR™ System
Can Be Purchased Separately.

Call Your Winter® Wear Parts Expert For Latest Pricing.

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